Electrical Engineering: 60 seats.

The Electrical Engineering department houses various laboratories such as Basic Electrical Engineering, Electrical machine – I & II, Electrical & Electronics Measurement, Network Devices, Control and Instrumentation, Power Electronics, Power System, Electrical Drives – SIEMENS AC and DC Drives, SIEMENS S7-200 & S7-300 Programming Logic Controllers (PLC).
In power electronics laboratory the experimental setup using advanced methods like thyristor, IGBT, 3-Phase HV thyristor control, 3-Phase V/f control for induction motors and microprocessor based control systems are available. The experimental setup of Servomechanism for speed & position control is demonstrated by experimental setup in Control & Instrumentation Lab. The Industrial Instrument laboratory provides the study of different physical parameters like pressure, temperature, displacement, angular speed and torque etc., using modern transducers. In addition to this, the department is taking steps for set up of Research & Development and Automation Laboratories. The department has ample expertise in different fields of specialization.
Basic Electrical Engineering Lab,
Basic Electronics Engineering Lab,
Network Devices Lab,
Analog Electronics Circuit Lab,
Electrical Machine – I & II Labs,
Electrical & Electronics Measurement Lab,
Digital Electronics Lab,
Instrumentation & Devices Lab,
Control & Instrumentation Lab,
Power Electronics Lab,
Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab,
Machine Design & Simulation Lab,
Electrical Drives Lab,
Power System Lab,
Industrial Instrumentation Lab
Automation & Project Lab
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